18 September 2008


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While their influence might be New Orleans, Memphis and the Mississippi Delta, Trickbag is all Hamilton. For the better part of two decades, Paul Panchezak on drums, Donna Panchezak on vocals, Larry Feudo on guitar, harmonica, mandolin, Mike Hickey on bass and Les Smith on vocals, harmonica and guitar, have blended the blues, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and soul music fostering a longstanding tradition in the city. It might seem the collective members could be offering a course in such music with their new CD, Tricknology, but you don't have to be a student of the blues if you want to join the Trickbag party. "Trickbag was never just a blues band - we never resorted to the caricature of blues cartoon posturing so prevalent today" reasons Feudo on the band's newest offering. "There's no point in recording the umpteenth cover of Sonny Boy Williamson"s "Help Me" when you can write your own songs."  "Those friends and fans who have known us since our earliest days will recognize all the musical roots and influences on this latest project," says Panchezak. "The name Trickbag comes from a New Orleans standard by Earl King so our music has always included a Crescent City flavor."

"All the diverse elements that make up this CD are totally in character for us," adds Feudo. "We've played straight blues with King Biscuit Boy for many years, we've rocked with Kelly Jay for ages, we've played acoustic blues featuring mandolin, dobro, harp and we've played New Orleans R&B. I'd like to think that this album is the truest representation of the band yet on disc.

"Tricknology is another New Orleans colloquialism," says Panchezak. "In our case I think of it as a musical slight of hand. Five musical individuals step behind the magician's curtain and when the curtain is reopened after a wave of the wand what emerges is much more than the sum of our parts."

Produced by Michael J. Birthelmer, Tricknology showcases a coherent and concrete collection of originals with one cover in  homage to Doc Pomus and Dr. John. The songs capture the essence of a band that knows the blues and journeys effortlessly to many places beyond. It's pure Trickbag and pure Hamilton and if you have any soul you'll need no studying to understand where they're coming from.

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