Live North End Ramble (2016)
Thanks to Dave King and Wayne Cochrane at the Barn for their generosity and support. Thanks to Lou Molinaro, Doug Smith and the staff at This Ain't Hollywood.

Mixed by Wayne Cochrane and Trickbag at The Barn in Caistor Centre
Preliminary Mixing - Rick Miles
Live Mix and Miking - Doug Smith
Photography - Vern White, Clive Baugh & Paul Panchezak
Design and Layout - Secluded Beach Creative, Nate Inkster
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 2016
© Copyright-various
Produced By: Trickbag
Track Listing
The new album from Trickbag finds the Hamilton, Ontario, group again bringing together diverse strands of music behind the vocals of Les Smith and Donna Panchezak. ”Heart of the City” has the push pull pulse of Memphis soul; “Get There When You Get There“ crosses the Louisiana-Texas border, adding a taste of Tex-Mex to a zydeco rhythm; ”You Better Do Right” is a backwoods duet with the feel of The Band. Several blues in the Chicago and jump styles work well, as does the splendid gospel ”I Wish I Was in Heaven(With Rosetta Tharpe),”
-October/November 2009 Blues Review Magazine
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 2008
© Copyright-various
Record Label: Trickbag
Track Listing
Cacti Redux (2005)
Hamilton's Trickbag are a veteran outfit who've decided to record a live set and make it available to their fans. Guests at this Cactus Festival in Dundas last August are Sonny Del Rio on sax & vocals and Jesse O'Brien on keys.

This was the band that Richard Newell worked with most often and they give credit to him for the arrangements and inspiration. This must have been quite a party and the songs reflect it. "Let The Good Times Roll", "Good Rockin' Daddy", "T-Bone Shuffle" "Pockey Way", "Blue Light Boogie" and "Georgia Slop" keep everything hopping, they certainly will at your party. The two Les Smith originals, "Get There When You Get There" and "Friends on Friday" are excellent. This band should record more often!
-John Valenteyn, Toronto Blues Society
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 2005
© Copyright-various
Record Label: Trickbag 
Track Listing
Trickbag [self-titled] (1995)
Cut in less than six days at the Grant Avenue studios with Mike Fonfara ( Rhinoceros, Lou Reed ) producing, the polished veteran band delivers the goods in a big time way.

It opens with a scorching R&B rave up, Ain't Nobody, featuring vocalist Donna Panchezak, winds through the bayou, the South Side and other bluesy environs before ending up on a northern highway doing the Moose Legs Boogie. And that's fitting.
-Gary Curtis, The Hamilton Spectator
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 1995
© Copyright-various
Record Label: Peerless Records
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