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25 Years In Hamilton Trickbag has been entertaining music lovers live and on record for over two and a half decades. They are now poised to open another exciting musical chapter in their long history. The recent addition of two new members, bassist Rick Miles and Steve Beach, a master of the mighty Hammond organ has revitalized the classic Read the Full Story
Trickbag on Barber Shop Podcast Hamilton has forged a ton of great music over the years, and the story of TRICKBAG is right there where it needs to be. Long, long time friends Paul Panchezak and Larry Feudo began a music club in their early teens Read the Full Story
Trickbag Blues Cruise For over two decades Trickbag have been at the centre of the Hamilton roots and blues community. Evolving out of the King Biscuit Boy band of the 1990’s they have three albums to their credit including their latest, Tricknology. For this year’s Blues With a Feeling Blues Cruise Read the Full Story
The Ninth Annual Blues with a Feeling To try and document the impact of Richard Newell on the Canadian blues scene in a few short sentences or paragraphs might seem like a daunting task until one realizes that it can all be summed up in one line – Richard Newell was the blues in Canada. There weren't many before him and, it can easily be argued Read the Full Story

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