10 August 1995


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Trickbag is a hardworking, hard rocking, Hamilton blues band that has been making a name for itself for the past five years and has finally been able to produce a long awaited debut album.

Individually the members of the band, which includes Shawn O'Halloran (bass,vocals), Donna Panchezak (vocals), Larry Feudo (guitar) and Paul Panchezak (drums), have a wealth of musical experience due to their affiliation with Crowbar, The Hamilton Blues Society House Band, the Kelly Jayz band, Guitar Mikey and the King Biscuit Boy.

Their recently released self titled album was recorded in February at Grant Ave. Studios with the aid of Bob Doidge and producer Mike Fonfara. Larry Feudo explains, "Most of the CD was recorded live since everyone worked well together and all our guests have also played at our live shows. Everyone knew what we had to do, so we really almost like a drill team."

Although the band has been together for five years and have had songs released on The Great Canadian Blues Revue and Rock My Child, this is their first full length album.  "Things really came together to allow us to finally record an album, on the Peerless label. We were playing a gig in Toronto and Fred Xavier, the owner of the label, came up to us and said he'd like to make an album with us. Well we've all heard that before! But this time it happened," states Feudo.

Most of the songs on the album were created specifically for the occasion, with a couple of earlier songs re-worked before the band recorded them.

Standouts include Ain't Nobody (Loves You Like I Do), which showcases the amazing vocal abilities of Donna Panchezak. Get It While It's Hot is a honkey tonk tune that has a wonderful piano introduction by Jesse O'Brien, one of the many guest artists to appear on the CD.

I also enjoyed Mind Your Own Business, which features local legend King Biscuit Boy (Richard Newell) on harp and Guitar Mikey McMillan, as well as blistering slide guitar by Feudo. For a lighter song, Moose Legs Boogie, written by O'Halloran, provides a laugh as it conjures up mental images of a moose dancing at the side of the road.

Songwriting duties are shared by the members, with O'Halloran involved in the creation of all of the tunes.  "We have no difficulties co-writing songs. You have to have the germ of an idea and then refine it. There are only three or four components to a song and if someone brings the chord structure, someone else can add to it. Songwriting is a natural thing. We come up with an idea and throw it around," states Feudo.

Judging from Trickbag's top notch CD, their years of experience have created a flawless musical experience that lovers of the blues will savour.

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