11 December 2013

Trickbag on Barber Shop Podcast

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Trickbag Barber Shop Podcast Hamilton has forged a ton of great music over the years, and the story of TRICKBAG is right there where it needs to be. Long, long time friends Paul Panchezak and Larry Feudo began a music club in their early teens

when there was three bands a block. The chops and passion they shared led to the longstanding relationships with bassist Michael Hickey, singer/soulmate of Paul, Donna Panchezak and the multi dimensional Les Smith, produced an intoxicating mash of Ozark/Ontario hybrid Americana that has blues as it's foundation and evokes so many other influences to form the walls.

World class and certainly a solid chapter in the history of music in the steel city, TRICKBAG has the timeless qualities of form and function, taking the dirt road to the next stop on their journey.

If you've never seen one of the great original traditional acts this area has ever produced, you're in for a treat because the TRICKBAG story is a good one, and their music will take you to where you need to go - on BARBER SHOP PODCAST

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